First blog post

Well! Here I am again. Starting up a whole new blog. Yay, me!

I actually have two other blogs: and Cosistories is my everything tossed into the kitchen sink site, filled with top of my head stories and various prompt stories and random musings.

Ambroseandelsie, on the other hand, is strictly focused on telling one story in several short parts. I generally try to keep each part below 1,000 words (mainly to keep myself from rambling).

As for this whole new blog, I wanted to do something different. An experiment of sorts. I am going to post just one story every Sunday. They will be Bible based stories as seen from another character’s perspective. So, they’ll be in the same vein as my Lost and Found story on cosistories   Don’t worry: I’m not going to get political about hot topic issues or bash anyone’s head with a Bible.

It’s just…As much as I love writing on my two other blogs, I felt the need to do something more with my writing talent. Something to honor God and, in a way, thank Him. Then, while I was attending Mass today, I got hit in the head with this idea.

So, here we are.  🙂

I hope you enjoy!


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