Joseph’s Dream

Joseph was in turmoil and his soul was sorely troubled.

Mary had returned from visiting her cousin Elizabeth. And she had news of her own to tell.

She trusted him.

So, she told him.

He had kept up a brave face for her, but, after she went home, it all came crashing down.


His beloved Mary was pregnant.

She spoke to him of an angel and the message that he had borne. He didn’t doubt her words. Nor did he doubt the power of God.

Yet, there were rules in their society. Rules that he was loathe to obey.

I could send her away. Yes. And after she gives birth, she might return to me.  But if people were to suspect. But how could they suspect? But if they could…If they did…I couldn’t hurt her. I couldn’t bear to see anyone else hurt her.

Oh, Mary. What am I to do?

He went to bed that night with a sore heart. Good God, help me! What am I to do? What am I…What am…

As he slept, he dreamed of a beautiful sky, bluer than any he had ever seen. A figure clothed in sunlight appeared. “Joseph.” The voice was like new flowers in the spring and the running of clear streams. “Joseph, son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost.”

His words and his voice unbound the fears inside Joseph’s heart. Joseph could feel the tension leave him, even as he slept.

“She shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call His name Jesus. For He shall save His people from their sins.”

The angel left and Joseph slept in peace.



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