The Three Wise Men

“It will be a long journey back to Nazareth.” Joseph patted the donkey’s neck as the animal ate his hay. “Eat well.”

A camel’s guttural cry startled Joseph. He stepped outside of the stable and stopped short.

Three men dressed in extravagant robes sat on their individual camels.

Joseph rubbed the hay’s dust off his hands. “How may I help you?”

The tallest one, dressed in a black robe with silver trimmings, spoke, “We are searching for the newborn king. His star has led us here.”

“Then, come. Come inside.”

The three men got off of their camels.

“Please wait a moment.” He entered the stable alone and walked over to Mary, who slept with the baby wrapped in her arms. “Mary.” His voice was soft and gentle. “There are men here.”

She opened her eyes.

“Kings from the looks of it. They wish to see Him.”

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up.

“I don’t think they mean Him any harm.”

“Then, let them in.”

And so he let them come in and see the sleeping Child in her arms.

The three kings knelt on the stable’s coarse floor and laid gifts before her.

“I bring gold.”


“And myrrh.”

The tallest one looked up at Mary. “For this Child is more than an ordinary child. I knew this to be so when I saw His star and how it moved across the sky, leading us here. He is the light that will break through the world’s darkness. Some will see His light. Some will not.”

The short one, dressed in red and gold, bowed his head. “But His light will fill the world.”

The third one, dressed in royal blue and white, said, “From ocean to ocean. And from sea to sea.”



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