The Flight

Mary sat on the donkey with the baby Jesus snuggled tight in her arms. Joseph held the donkey’s lead line and a lantern to guide the creature’s way.

Her heart raced as ugly visions played before her eyes. Jesus, her child, her precious one, torn out of her arms by Herod’s guards. His tender heart pierced by a lance again and again. All while she stood aside unable to help Him, unable to save Him, unable to take His place.

She said a soft prayer and held Him closer. He stirred and fussed in His sleep. “Shh, my darling.” She sang a new mother’s lullaby. Her voice was innocent and pure like that of a child.

Joseph looked up at her. It was a song he did not know. So, he smiled and listened.

The baby Jesus settled down and fell asleep. And He slept gently, softly in His mother’s maiden arms.

Joseph led them through the long, dark night.


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