The Holy Family

Mary and Joseph returned to Nazareth.

Her parents rejoiced at their safe return. They fussed and loved over their grandchild.

Joseph told them of all that had come to pass before and after His birth. They listened in rapt wonder, whispering words of thanks to God.

Mary let him speak. She sat and smiled love at her Child.


Jesus grew as all children do. There were lessons to learn, wounds to bind, tears to wipe away.

There was laughter and there was sorrow.

There was health and there was sickness.

There were tax collectors to pay.

There was work to be done.

But through it all, there was love.

Joseph loved Mary as someone precious and holy.

Mary loved Jesus as her child and as her God. He was her light. He was her joy.

And Simeon’s warning lurked always in the back of her mind.


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