Joseph’s Death

Joseph lay dying in his own bed.

He looked at the two people he loved best: Mary and Jesus.

Mary knelt beside the bed, alternating tears with tearful prayers. Jesus knelt beside her, trying to comfort her with His nearness.

“Mary.” Joseph’s voice was only half a whisper.

She raised her head.

“Mary. Have I done well? Is there more I could have done to make life easier for you and Jesus?” Tears trailed down his face. “Have I honored God as I ought? Have I fought the good fight?”

“Joseph. It has been an honor and a blessing to have you as my husband. You have loved me and honored me. You have cared for our dear Son. You have done all that you could to protect us and provide for us. God will surely smile upon your soul when you enter the next life.”

“Will He?”

“Yes.” Jesus said gently.

“Jesus. My dear Jesus. I don’t know why I was chosen to be your foster father. I don’t question why. So, You need not answer. I am happy. I am so happy that You came to Earth, to me and to Mary. I am so happy to see the man You are becoming. I am blessed, so blessed to see the face of my son is the face of my Redeemer. Jesus. My dear Jesus. Take care of her.”

“I will. And when I open the gates to Heaven, I will come and find you. I will guide you safely, sweetly home.”

Joseph started to smile. “Jesus. Mary.”

The light faded from his eyes and he fell into silent, eternal sleep.


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