John Heeds God’s Call

Joseph was buried according to Jewish customs.

Mary grieved for him, but found peace. She prayed for the repose of his soul along with the souls of others – family, friends, and those none prayed for – every night.

Time passed and the pain lessened.

For Mary had Jesus.

And though their number had dwindled from three to only two, Mary and Jesus found happiness in their home in Nazareth.


John looked up at the night sky.

Elizabeth, his mother, came out to him. “Why are you out so late, son?”

“I heard a voice call my name.”

She looked around and saw no one.

He turned to face her. “I must leave. There is somewhere I must go. And God’s work that I need to do.”

She smiled sadly. “When I carried you inside my womb, I knew God had plans for you. I knew that you were special as Samuel of old. If it is His time now…”

“It is. I must leave.”

“John.” She held out her arms.

He came to her and hugged her.

“I will pray for you that God may be your light and your guide everywhere you go.” Her voice was strong, but tears stung her eyes.

“May He always be with you.” He picked up his staff and walked into the night.


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