Who am I?  Hmm. I feel like I’ve covered most of this topic in my first blog post over here. I could just copy and paste that information into this About post, but that would be boring and so uninspired. It would depress me with its boringness and I don’t get depressed easily.

So, what can I say about myself without being repetitious and dull?  Hmmm. *eats a whole bag of Reeses’ peanut butter cups – one cup at a lovely time – and thinks about it*

Well! After all of that chocolate and peanut butter, I can tell you that I am a Michigander. (Sorry. It was the first thought that popped into my head. We’ll just call it a sugar hiccup and move on.)  I love writing and creating characters who may occasionally speak my words, but are far from being me. They tend to have a whole more attitude than I’d be willing to display in real life.

As I said in my first blog post on here, I felt the need to expand, to do something more with my writing. In a way, consecrate it (if that makes sense). Perhaps there is something more I could do to honor God through my writing, but I figure this is a good start.